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And on cellos...
Four strings, one bow, wood,
rosin, f holes, fingers fly
happy convergence
Knees hugging f-holes
sensual wood-loving pose
makes the boys wonder
While I play cello
Cats hide, horses flee although
Tails and gut are safe
Welcome to Banjoy... a collection of thoughts about the art (or folly) of playing the banjo. Send us your additions or comments. If you're a banjo player don't be shy about asking for help with spelling.
Chocolate Banjo
Sublime or ridiculous
Strung with spun sugar
Banjos and doughnuts
Similar addictions both
Best used sparingly
What happy sound comes
from joy on a maple stick?
We call it banjo!
Haiku addiction
better than playing banjo
forgive those who do
Banjo, horrid sound
pluck the devil incarnate
there is no relief
The five string banjo:
A convoluted bagpipe
with the drone on top
Banjo haiku, dumb
Idea for those with good taste
Shoot the author now
banjo /'ban-(,)jo/
musical instrument with a drum like
body, a fretted neck and four or five strings. May be plucked or strummed.