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 Trillium-239: A rare isotope in eastern Washington
Trillium-239: A rare isotope in eastern Washington

Indie artists: The acoustic trio Trillium-239 brings award winning performances to audiences in the Pacific Northwest. Complex melodic lines and quirky lyrics are highlighted with masterful arrangements on a variety of instruments. Cello, guitars and banjo provide thoughtful support for tight vocal harmonies and first-rate T-239 songs are steady fare at concerts, festivals and special events. Together, Trillium-239 mixes a scintillating musical cocktail that’s creating a buzz.

Where on the periodic table is Trillium-239: The name “Trillium-239” is the fusion of the lovely 3-petaled woodland flower and the atomic mass of a plutonium isotope. The latter is a nod to the Hanford nuclear site, home to the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor during WWII. It was the Hanford Site that directly or indirectly drew the three members of Trillium-239 to Richland, Washington.

Good Media Bits: Sporting double digit-sized shoes and soaring vocals, Trillium-239 has been dubbed their hometown's own divas. Their original writing and harmonic style reflects the influences of Bach, Shawn Colvin and Mississippi John Hurt. Tight vocal arrangements have been called "Ear Candy." High energy performances are a Trio signature.

Instrumentation: Vocals, guitars, banjo, cello and percussion