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Booking: Trillium-239 is available for concerts, festival appearences, special events, house concerts and workshops. Please contact us directly to discuss specifics.

Press photos (high res images), basic event posters and copies of articles are available for download on this page. Click to download.

Amplification? Yes please. The trio rarely plays without a sound system. Our tech needs are relatively straightforward and we are happy to use your high quality system. We can provide our own system and a sound engineer if needed. Please call or e-mail to discuss specifics.

About House Concerts:  A house concert is held in a living room or other small space. It's a chance to enjoy great music in a relaxed atmosphere and share your passion with your friends.  House concerts can offer a vastly superior audience experience and can be fun and enriching. Ask us how to host one - we can help you with the details.

Presentations:   Available via the WA State Humanities program Speakers Bureau, a musical exploration of Washington workers and their colorful history.   For more information visit the Humanities Washington website or contact us directly.