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Rare Isotope

Trillium-239 Trio with Loren Wohglemuth, David Lange, Benjamin Lange, Conor Sisk and the DLS Digiteers Guitars, Banjo, Cello, Vocals, Percussion, Mandolin, Accordion


 Mandela and Malala 

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What Turns You On?

Featuring HHC Trio
with Joe Smart, Bill Burke and May Lin Thomas

Guitars, Banjo, Cello, Vocals, Percussion, Mandolin and Bass

  Crazy Lizzie

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On Solid Ground

Humphrey and Hartman
with Rob Burrows, Tim Moody and Bill Burke.

Guitars, Banjo, Vocals,
6 String Violin, Piano
Percussion and Bass


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Water The Land

Mary Hartman & Friends

Guitars, Vocals, Cello, Piano, Mandolin, Banjo and more.


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Memories of Our Future

Michelle Cameron
Bobbette Cameron and guest artists.

Cello, Piano, Harp Octave Mandoline, Guitar and string quartet

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In Transit

Mary Hartman
with Chuck Scholl and Steve Teel.

Guitar, Piano, Sax and Flute

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Proud Traditions

Janet Humphrey

Two album set recorded at the University of Pittsburgh

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Last of the Big Suspenders

Mary Hartman
with Chuck Scholl, Steve Teel, Tom Lachmar and Vic Bertis

Guitars, Piano, Sax, Flute,
Percussion and Bass

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