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What Turns You On?

Humphrey and Hartman with Michelle Cameron, 2004

This recording features the trio that later became “Trillium-239.” Janet and Mary explain why it took so
long to change the band name: “At the time, we didn’t know if Michelle was going to stick around!” The album also includes Joe Smart* on guitar, mandolin, and violin, Bill Burke on drums, and May Lin Thomas on backing vocals. *We like to brag on our guest guitarist -- Joe Smart won the International Flatpicking Contest in Winfield, Kansas in 2005.

Songs Clips

Plug into the Power
My Name Joe
Chocolate Reverie
Red's Refrigerator Rag
The Path
Sweet Energy of Life
Goose Poop
Crazy Lizzie
Nascar Honeybun
Valley Rain, Mountain Snow
Peace, Comfort and Courage

 Chocolate Reverie

  Crazzie Lizzie

 Peace, Comfort and Courage

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