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Rare Isotope

Trillium-239, 2019

The trio recorded this at David Lange Studios and it features a generous mix of original songs and cover tunes, from the ridiculous to the sublime. They’re joined by guest musicians Benjamin Lange (mandolin), Conor Sisk (percussion), David Lange (accordion), and Loren Wohlgemuth (banjo).

Several songs celebrate American history. “Two Strong Roots” tells the story of a young boy heading west on an orphan train 100 years ago; “Packhorse Librarian” looks at a New Deal book-lending program in rural Kentucky; “She’s Good Enough…” was written in the early 20th century to support the women’s suffrage movement; and “Termination Winds” is Linda Allen’s telling of the history of the Hanford nuclear site near Richland, Washington.

Trillium-239 is known for their beautiful, tight harmonies (with the cello making up the third voice) on ballads. These are showcased on the traditional “Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier” and Robin & Linda Williams’ “Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger.”

It’s not all serious, however: Trillium-239 fans love to laugh, and this album includes the crowd-pleasing “Bun Dance” (a.k.a. the Butt Crack Song) and “Three Pints” (a joke in song form).

Songs Clips

Mandela and Malala 
Packhorse Librarian 
Bun Dance 
Circus Love 
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier 
Common Bonds 
Three Pints 
Termination Winds 
She’s Good Enough to Be Your Baby’s Mother 
Two Strong Roots 
Darcy Farrow 
Daddy Bears a Load 
Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger

 Mandela and Malala 


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